About Us

The Freedom 251 is dedicated to the coverage of product reviews, detailed listicles and buying guides. Unlike other websites, we just don’t want to create content and make sales, our aim is to help people discover quality products which suits all their needs.

About the new ownership

The domain was involved in a big scam in which the owners tricked people into paying them 251 INR (4 USD) for an Android phone. Although, it sounded impossible, because of the huge marketing, a lot of people fell for this and ended up paying money to the previous owners.

Now, the ownership has changed, We’ve acquired the domain using GoDaddy auctions for a premium price because of love for the name. Although, we get a few abuses from the people who still visit the site thinking that it was we who scammed them, we have nothing to do with the previous owners.

How did we get this domain?

We acquired the domain using GoDaddy auctions. Let us explain the full story:

A domain needs renewal after it’s expiry. So the previous owner committed the SCAM, got arrested and was not able to renew the domain. It showed up in GoDaddy auctions and we acquired it.

This also means that we have no relations or affiliation with the previous owner.

What We Aim to Do?

Our team has researched the products mentioned in the below lists for more than 75 hours/article and then made the list of the top ones. To help people find products themselves, our writers have added all the things to be considered before buying. The guides also answer the product related doubts which a potential buyer might have.

Below are a few guides which are already available, this will help you get an idea about the quality and the depth we get in to before publishing anything.

You can contact us on: contact@freedom251.com

Have questions or Business inquiries? Contact us and we’ll be glad to respond to all your queries.