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The internet is full of websites with information and applications.

Anyone can set up websites with a single click. That makes scams even more easier to happen. Many users also don’t know to use the internet and end up being a part of the scam. Once the scam is over, the Scammer gets rid of the domain or never renews it back. But that doesn’t mean that the domain through which it was done is a scam, it’s because new users might have different intentions with it.

We’re a group of Internet domain investors who love domains which are popular among people but had bad intents in the past. We convert them into something which could be very helpful to the reader.

This is the first post and is just to notify the readers that, Freedom251 was recently acquired by us and is no more associated with any work which was done by the previous owners. We’re revamping the website soon with very informative and verified articles.

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